The previous owner of this cabinet card asserts that the photographer, Pablo Paladino, operated a photographic studio in Canelones, Uruguay. I have been unable to find confirmation of that claim. The nationality of the cabinet card may be a mystery but it is very clear that this is a wonderful portrait of two young children. They are likely siblings. The boy is siting on a wooden toy horse. The horse is nicely detailed. Note the mane and bridle. The little girl has a doll posed next to her. The girl has a fancy hair band and is wearing a bracelet. The little boy is wearing a cap that has what looks like an anchor design. He, like many little boys of his time, is dressed in the style of a sailor. Hopefully, a visitor to the cabinet card gallery may have some information about photographer Pablo Paladino and will leave a comment with some of his biographical information.

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  1. Photographer Pablo Paladino in 1896 is mentioned briefly in this article:

    • Your excellent research is sincerely appreciated. Confirmation has arrived. We can now confidently assert that Pablo Paladino was indeed a photographer in Canelones, Uruguay.

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