LADY LIBERTY_0009This photograph presents an interesting mystery. What exactly is going on in this image?  It appears that this is a photograph of a theatrical presentation or possibly a costumed mother and her costumed children having fun and posing at a photographic gallery. Their clothing appears to be European. The mother is dressed in some sort of patriotic costume. She is holding a black flag with a white cross and a pole that may be a flag staff. The young boy is holding an identical flag to his mother.  What is the origin of this flag?  Some assistance from an informed cabinet card gallery visitor to answer this question would be greatly appreciated.  A similar flag to the pictured flag is Saint Piran’s Flag. Saint Piran’s Flag is the flag of Cornwall. The people of Cornwall used the flag as a symbol of identity. Saint Piran is supposed to have created the flag from seeing the molten tin spilling out of the black ore in his fire. It is a white cross on a black background but the cross part covers the whole flag rather than float in the background like the crosses on the flags in this image. The woman in this image looks rather intense while the children appear uninterested. The subjects of this photograph are unidentified as is the photographer. The photograph has been trimmed to fit into a  frame or album and it is likely that the name of the photographer and studio were removed in the process.


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  1. I wonder if this could be the Swiss flag? White cross on a red background.

    • Great observation. You very well may be correct about your hypothesis that the flags may represent Switzerland. The white cross/red background flag became official in 1889.

  2. I think the flag is Swiss.� In a b&w photo, the red of the flag would appear black.


    � Jane S. Gabin, Ph.D.


  3. I would say this lady is Helvetia. Personification of Switzerland

  4. I came across this video not long after I got your email about Lady Liberty. It shows an Empire Day celebration at the turn of the last century, a day which eventuallybecame Commonwealth Day. I agree the flag and the children’s clothing does make the picture look more Swiss to me but I did notice the similarities between this picture and a scene not far in to the video and wonder about Cornwall and Canada (where Empire Day began).

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