GIRLS GAMEThis cabinet card  photograph captures two girls playing a board game. It would be nice to see the kids of today spending a little time playing board games instead of isolating themselves in front of their computer or video game system. Hopefully, a member of the “vast unpaid research department” of the cabinet card gallery will leave a comment identifying the game that these girls are playing. This photograph was produced by The Eclipse Photo Company which was located at 103 Seven Sisters Road. Where is Seven Sisters Road? Printing on the reverse of the photographs states “103 Seven Sisters Road  N.”  What is “N”? Perhaps “N” means North or the abbreviation for a City or Province. Research reveals that a “Seven Sisters Road” exists in London, England.

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  1. The N indicates North London- a letter usually indicates a post code then followed by a number-eg N1 would be North Central London

  2. Looks like “Halma” >

  3. Sweet!!

  4. Wonderful shot.

  5. Unusual find!
    Well, Canadian Checkers is played with 60 pieces, (30 for each player) on a board with 144 squares, (12 on a side). The squares on this board seem smaller.

    Halma uses a board that is 16X16 I think, with 13 playing pieces for each player. (I think four can play at a time.)

    There are only 30 pieces showing in the photograph. Of course it might be just a prop and they weren’t really playing.

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