salvation family

This family portrait is a bit unusual because mom and dad are both wearing Salvation Army uniforms and Salvation Army pins on their collars. The two older children are wearing identical outfits that may be Salvation Army issued. This attractive family appears to be in a good mood as they pose for their photograph at the Siegel Cooper Department Store in Chicago, Illinois. To view other photographs by this gallery, click on the category “Photographer: Siegel Cooper and Company”. To peruse other Salvation Army related images, click on the category “Salvation Army”.


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  1. Note the bodice of the woman’s dress, which is open to reveal the traditional Salvation Army insignia on her vest. This insignia was usually shown in American with an eagle on top, but this one has the crown, instead. The crown is the Crown of Glory, representing the reward awaiting a saved indivitudal when he or she enters Heaven. When the first Salvation Army pioneers came to America, this crown was misunderstood. It for mistaken the Crown of England, and that caused some hostility. That’s why for many years, this insignia was usually shown with an eagle rather than the crown you see in this photo.

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