This vintage real photo postcard falls into the ethnographic category. This interesting image features a family in Lapland. The area of  Lapland is located in Finland’s northernmost region. It is sparsely populated and is the homeland of the indigenous Sami people. The Sami’s pursue coastal fishing, fur trapping, and sheep herding. However, they are most known for their work as semi-nomadic reindeer herders. The reindeer are utilized for meat, fur, and transportation. The family seen in this photograph is part of the Sami people. There is much to note in this photograph. Take a look at the family’s clothing. Perusing the picture one can also see the family dog, animal skins, reindeer antlers and fur covered shoes. Be sure not to miss viewing the baby in a papoose like bed. This postcard was published by Enerett Mittet & Company and is part of a series (no. 1/98). The residue on the back side of this vintage postcard reveals that it once was a resident of a photo album.

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