The top Cabinet Card is an image of two Salvation Army workers photographed by Suddard of Fall River, Massachusetts. The young couple are both in uniform; he has a tambourine and she is holding a trumpet. It is interesting to note that he is wearing a late 1800’s version of an embossed tee shirt. His shirt’s lettering states “NO CROSS NO CROWN”. A present day, non religious  meaning of this saying would be “no pain, no gain”.  The motto on the shirt was a widely used expression and an early user of the phrase was William Penn, the founder of the Quaker colong of Pennsylvania. The second photograph, also by Suddard, shows the same couple in a different studio setting. Once again, the couple is attired in a salvation army uniform. The gentleman is wearing a different style uniform than he wore in the top photograph. In the bottom photograph, the woman has taken possession of the tambourine and the man is holding papers. These two cabinet cards were purchased more than two years apart and I am fairly certain that they were purchased from different sellers. Amazingly, these images have ended up together again.  A third cabinet card image by Suddard can be found  elsewhere in the Cabinet Gallery. It can be accessed by clicking the category “Photographers: Suddard”.


This Cabinet Card portrays a young woman rowing a boat. This photograph was made using props or perhaps employing “trick photography” techniques. The lily pads certainly appear to be an “after thought”.  Perhaps a visitor to this site can explain how the photograph was technically produced. The photographer is  J.  F. Suddard of Fall River, Massachusetts. Suddard operated a studio in Fall River between 1890 and 1905. Earlier, he had a studio in Providence, Rhode Island. To view other photographs by Suddard, click on the category “Photographer: Suddard”.