E. Davey Lavender is the photographer of this cabinet card portrait of a pretty well-dressed woman in Bromley, England. Bromley is a suburban town located outside of London, England. The woman in this photograph is is flashing a half smile as she sits beside a newspaper on a table. Edgar Davey Lavender was born in Westminster in 1855  and was married to Harriet Lavender (b 1869). Records indicate he operated his studio in Bromley in 1881 through at least 1891. In 1901 he was located in Grove Park (another suburb of London). Lavender died in 1909. Printed on the cabinet card are a few items of note. First, both the front and back of the photograph are marked (“Gold Medalist 1889”). This likely signifies that Lavender won a gold medal for his work at an exhibition in 1889. This accomplishment is being used as an advertisement. The second noteworthy item is that on the reverse of the photograph his business is referred to as “Portrait and Equestrian Studios”. It is my belief that the term “equestrian studio” means that Lavender had the ability to photograph people on horseback and produce photographic portraits of horses.

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This exceptional cabinet card portrait features a young girl wearing a Tyrolean costume and playing a mandolin. She looks absolutely adorable. The photograph comes from photographer F Valery who operated a studio in Beckenham, England. When Frederick Valery went home to his wife and family, he was no longer Frederick Valery. Instead he became James Frederick Lowrie. Apparently, Frederick Valery was Lowrie’s “nom de camera”. Lowrie was born in London in 1853. He was married to Millie (1855-?) and the couple had two sons and one daughter. Lowrie was a photographer from at least 1901 through 1907. The British Journal of Photography (1906) reported the “sudden death” of Mr. Lowrie. He had two studios, one in Beckenham, and the second one in Bromley. The journal states that Lowrie “dropped dead” while photographing a girl in his Bromley studio. He was 53 years old at the time of his death. His cause of death was heart disease. If this image is typical of his work, Lowrie certainly was a gifted photographer.

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