The pretty woman with the large eyes in this portrait is identified on the reverse of the photograph as Miss Lizzie Cooperider. She is wearing a “layered look”. Note her unusual collar pin. The photograph was produced by McCahon’s Art Gallery in Upper Sandusky, Ohio. John McCahon was born in Ireland sometime around 1828. He was a photographer in central Ohio for more than 3 decades. He operated the Cottage Photograph Gallery in Roscoe and galleries in Utica (1870) and Westerville (1878). He opened a studio in Upper Sandusky in 1880 and the last stop of his journey as a photographer was in Newark (late 1880’s). In 1893 McCahon suffered a stroke and his wife Isabella and his daughters Bertha and W. Blanche assisted in continuing the operation of the studio. John McCahon died in 1896. His daughter W. Blanche (1864-1944) continued working as a photographer. After gaining valuable experience managing her fathers studio during his illness, she continued running the gallery until 1918. She then worked in a Mansfield, Ohio studio until she opened her own studio in Westerville as some time during the 1920’s and continued its operation until 1938.