This scallop edged vintage photograph features two teenage boys. The boy in the dark shirt and tie is quite handsome. They are both wearing suspenders. The photograph was taken by the Drysdale studio in Brainerd, Minnesota. James S. Drysdale (1862-1914?) operated his own studio but at one time he was a partner in the Quam & Drysdale gallery. Drysdale had a studio in both Brainerd and St. Cloud between about 1894 and 1899. The Quam and Drysdale studio was located in Walker, Minnesota (1900). Drysdale returned to Brainerd in 1901 and operated a studio there until 1904. Drysdale appears in the 1900 US census. Data indicates that he was Canadian born, immigrated in 1880, and a naturalized US citizen. At the time of the census he was living on the Chippewa Reservation in Cass, Minnesota. The census reports that his race was “White”. Although he was listed as married (1899), he was living independently.

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This fabulous cabinet card portrait features a very distinguished older gentleman sitting in a chair and holding what appears to be a cane. He is well dressed and sporting a thick mustache and relatively long beard. The photograph was taken by the Hill studio which was located in St. Cloud, Minnesota. There is no information on the reverse of the photograph so the address of the photographer and the identity of the subject is unknown. There were three photographers named Hill in St. Cloud during the cabinet card era. Joseph Hill (1820-1892) was Irish born and began his photography career in St Paul, Minnesota (1858-1867). He later operated studios in St. Peter & Anoka (1878-1879), Brainerd (1881), St. Cloud (1868-1869, 1880-1889). Joseph Hill’s son took over the St. Cloud studio. His son was Eugene S. Hill (1856-1936) and records indicate he took over the studio in 1883. A third photographer in St. Cloud during the 1880’s was someone named M. Hill. It is unknown to me whether he was part of Joseph and Eugene’s family. Whichever “Mr. Hill” took this photograph, it is a beauty. The photograph measures about 3 3/4 ” x 8″.

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