This vintage real photo postcard features a very cute puppy nestling into the shoulder af an attractive young woman. The humorous caption under the photo states “Lucky Dog”. The photograph is credited to “The Photographic Company of America” which was based in Chicago, Illinois. The 1900 copyright of the image is registered to the Tonnesen Sisters., The photographer of this postcard’s image is quite well known and well respected. Beatrice Tonnesen (1871-1958) was an American artist and photographer based in Chicago from 1896 through 1930. She pioneered the use of live models in print advertising. In addition, her photos were widely used as calendar art. Her sister, Clara handled the business aspects of Beatrice’s studio. The message on the postcard was written by “Ernest” in 1906 while he was in Adrian, Michigan. The postcard is addressed to Miss Gertrude Butters of Millinucket, Maine, Ernest’s message is quite mysterious and could be used as a lead in a story of intrigue. He writes “Was all packed. Trunk at depot and was going to start this (Friday) morning for Dakota when I received word for Bureau to wait. I wonder if I am a _ _.” Wow! First of all it seems likely that Ernest worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Second, what was Ernest wondering about in regard to his orders to “wait”. Why didn’t he finish his last sentence of his message. This postcard is in very good condition and chock full of history and intrigue.